At CNC Machine Group, we take immense pride in driving the industry standards forward, focusing on efficiency, quality and safety.  We are an award winning, certified supplier company and  also have the capability to help you with your engineering needs.


CNC's position in highly structured world of CNC milling is grade "A".  Our craftsmen command  high quality, high tolerance CNC milling machinery.  In-house tooling and fixturing development coupled with advanced techniques allow our equipment to produce superior and identical parts from first article to final part.



QA and QC are essential to CNC's methods.  Our production incorporates extensive controls for each from quotation to delivery.  Using quality verification and measurement equipment, CNC is positioned to assure compliance to customer specifications throughout the manufacturing process.

Parts turned at CNC up the benchmark for excellence.  Our equipment is tight and well
maintained.  Our staff is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated.  Your turning needs will be completely satisfied at CNC, we guarantee it!  If excellence at a fair price meets your requirements, then CNC is your answer!



             ALUMINUM                           STEEL                       BRASS                        ALLOYS                     ENGINEERING PLASTICS 

CNC Machine Group Inc. (CNC) provides services and products for your machining requirements.  Low time high accuracy CNC equipment operated by skilled craftsmen produce the finest machined components available.  Small or large quantity, standard or high tolerance, CNC is poised to deliver your order to specification and on time.

We offer our customers precision CNC machining and solutions to challenges ...under one roof.  Inclusive accountability is assured at CNC along with confidentiality and security.


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